Why We Use a Secure Platform To Coach Our Members

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My Healthy Potential

My Healthy Potential uses an advanced online platform to provide numerous important services to our members who have signed up for our coaching program. We really like the coaching platform and the accompanying smart phone app, and you will too!  We especially like the telehealth option for conducting one-on-one sessions between members and their health coaches!

What we get with the Coaching Portal.

Seamless communication.  Secure video conferencing, messaging, and real-time comments on nutrition & fitness choices from our health coaches. This means you have support and accountability when it matters the most.

A modern food journal.  Picture-based food logging supports mindful, proactive eating choices.

CoachMedical-grade security.  Healthie meets HIPAA-compliant standards used by America’s hospitals and health systems for security and privacy. So, as you complete all your paperwork electronically, rest-assured it’s protected.

Results to be proud of.  Set and achieve goals and track your progress overtime. Over 80% of Americans who work with a health coach professional make substantial progress towards their health goals. It is very useful to track your workouts, key metrics, and more.

An integrated mobile app.  From your mobile device, you can work with your health coach to track all of your health activity–from food, workouts, health metrics, and more. You can monitor your progress and performance in between coaching appointments to make sure you stay on course. Your coach will be there to cheer you on as you reach your milestones.

Simplify the administrative aspects of working with your health coach.  Electronically complete your paperwork and risk calculators or assessments, access and review your health documents, and store and print items like laboratory reports, meal plans, recipes, and more. Automatically share your food journal and other notes. Schedule telehealth video conference sessions and receive reminders.

Purchase special packages or helpful wellness equipment online.  There are unique laboratory tests and equipment offers or packages made only for coaching members found from time to time within the Coaching Portal.  These may be in addition to the routine equipment and routine laboratory tests shown at myhealthypotential.com.

Once you are enrolled, here is how you will access the coaching platform via our Coaching Portal

Members involved in coaching will have routine access to our coaching portal.  While logged in there you can use our Health Risk Calculators or Health Risk Assessment (HRA), see your Laboratory Results and Coaching Records, plus track your progress.

When you become a coaching member of www.myhealthypotential.com, you will receive a welcome message by email. This message will give you registration information and easy instructions on how to access all these features within the coaching portal.

Here is a look at the log-in page to the coaching portal. If you have any questions about our use of this platform, send us a message at [email protected].

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