Schedule an appointment and obtain your laboratory results


Venipuncture A benefit to membership at is the opportunity to have laboratory testing done to establish important baseline numbers, such as cholesterol and blood glucose level. If you are not yet a member and want to learn about your options, click here for more information.

If you are a member and are going to obtain laboratory testing in Hawaii, Guam, or Saipan, here are the locations of the Diagnostic Laboratory Services, Inc. patient services centers.  If you are obtaining services in the contiguous 48 states and Alaska, here are instructions how to find the Laboratory Corporation of America’s (LabCorp) Patient Service Center nearest you, schedule an appointment, obtain your tests, and finally, where to find your test results once they are available.

After you enroll as one of the paid members plans at, our home site, you will be given a demographic data form so that we can prepare your requisition.  Next, you will receive a confirmation message by email. Access to your Laboratory Requisition Form (a PDF file) will be provided. That requisition will tell the lab staff exactly which tests you’ll be receiving. Before going to the lab, print it out and take it with you.

Use the locator tool on the LabCorp site to find the Patient Services Center that you wish to visit. Proceed to enter your starting location zip code  and then choose a distance from your starting location. We suggest a choice like “within 50 miles” in order to expand your choices.

Press the SEARCH button and that will show lab locations on a map. Select the one most convenient to you by clicking on it, and it should open with the details and address for that facility. You can then map the directions from your address to that location. Here is an example.


LabCorp lab locator

To dramatically reduce your wait time, you should also schedule an appointment for testing. On this page is a blue link entitled “Schedule an Appointment.” Choosing that will start a scheduling process:

In the section entitled “Service Information” proceed with selections as follows:

  • Enter the total number of patients (1)
  • Select the reason for testing–Labwork (Routine Clinical)
  • Will you be fasting—select “Yes

Select Time: Schedule your appointment for a time that will have allowed you to be fasting for at least 8 hours, or even 10-12 hours. For most of you, this might be the first thing in the morning. There is a nice calendar of available time slots to use in selecting your appointment.

Enter Information: Include your personal information. You will be asked to select: Primary Insurance Provider or Payment method, and Secondary Insurance Provider or Payment method. Simply choose “Other” for both of these.

Confirm Appointment, and then,

Print Appointment

You will receive an acknowledgment confirming your appointment from Lab Corp by email. Do not concern yourself with the method of payment. We have arranged to pay all your lab fees, and you will not be asked to pay at the time of service.

Usually, your test results will be available in 24-36 hours. We will upload them into your Coaching Portal records section and you will receive an email that tells you they’re ready for viewing. Then you can sign in and view the results as a PDF file under Document Storage.