How to obtain biomedical equipment

Congratulations in choosing to learn more about your current health status and how to monitor your progress through the use of our recommended biomedical equipment.

Only current paid Plus or Premium Members of receive included biomedical equipment, such as a blood pressure monitor, tape measure, body fat analyzer, or scale as shipped from our supplier. We’ve chosen specific pieces of equipment for you in order to save you the time in trying to figure out what you need and which options to pick when reviewing various models. It’s all in an effort to give you a one-stop experience and get you on your way to lowering your health risks.

If you are not yet a member, check out the options and get started HERE.

Once you’re a member and we have placed your order for biomedical equipment, you will receive a confirmation message by email. It is our goal to process your right after you join. Then it takes an additional day for it to leave the warehouse or distribution center. Usually, your tracking number will be available once that happens, and we will send you by email that number and the link to the tracking service so you can follow progress.

Once it arrives, it will include instructions on how it is best used. In addition, you may return to our site to learn more about how to use it.

It is very unlikely that you might need to return any of your equipment. However, if you need to do so, there will be instructions on the packing slip within the parcel on how to make the return.