How to access your coaching portal

WHY WE USE A SECURE PORTAL TO COACH OUR MEMBERS. My Healthy Potential uses a separate and secure portal to provide numerous important private HEALTH COACHING services that are HIPPA-compliant to our members who have signed up for our paid Memberships. We like the platform and the accompanying smart phone app, and you will too!  … Continued

Schedule an appointment and obtain your laboratory results

  A benefit to membership at MyHealthyPotential.com is the opportunity to have laboratory testing done to establish important baseline numbers, such as cholesterol and blood glucose level. If you are not yet a member and want to learn about your options, click here for more information. If you are a member and are going to … Continued

How to obtain biomedical equipment

Congratulations in choosing to learn more about your current health status and how to monitor your progress through the use of our recommended biomedical equipment. Only paid members of MyHealthyPotential.com receive included biomedical equipment, such as a blood pressure monitor, tape measure, body fat analyzer, or scale as shipped from our supplier. We’ve chosen specific … Continued

What is diabetes and what do my blood sugar numbers mean?

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Maybe you have a family member with diabetes? Or you have been sent to the lab to check your FBG or even your A1C. Unfortunately, not only do you not understand the acronyms, you have no idea why you need these blood sugar tests. Here are some simple answers to these questions. What is FBG … Continued

Your cholesterol results and making changes

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HDL, LDL, total cholesterol, triglycerides, this one high, this one low. It sounds like a confusing bowl of alphabet soup. What is it? It is cholesterol and all the confusing terms that go along with it. Let’s try to understand a lipid profile! What is cholesterol? Cholesterol is a waxy fat-like substance found in animals … Continued

Why it’s important to know your blood pressure

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What exactly is blood pressure? Each time your heart beats, it sends blood to the body through the aorta and then through blood vessels called arteries. With each beat, the blood exerts pressure on the arteries, just like water puts pressure on a water balloon when filling it. When the heart rests between beats, there’s … Continued

How to accurately take and track body measurements

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When starting on a fitness and health journey, we are often consumed with thoughts of weight and the numbers on the scales. Often, however, before changes are seen on the scale, some changes can be noted in body measurements. Why are body measurements important? One way of seeing progress is to check circumference measurements of … Continued

Our use of health risk assessments (HRAs) and disease risk calculators.

Some important tools that we use to help assess risks for members are health risk assessments and risk calculators.  At present, members will be using these tools in cooperation with our medical consultant or health coaches. While these are extremely helpful tools, you must keep in mind a famous quote from George Edward Pelham Box … Continued