Prepare to Celebrate Your Victories

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It’s December and time to prepare for 2020!

As Health Coaches, we take goal setting opportunities any time we can. See, working towards a goal keeps you moving and moving keeps you living… moving toward your healthy potential! December is a great month to look back on our previous year and begin preparing mentally for the New Year!

That is right. As you can tell from our website, we are HUGE on education. We will point to scientific articles and the newest health journals or our coaches are creating new easy to follow guides. But, as much as we will always be encouraging you to keep moving physically, we know that action first begins with your mindset.

Another health blogger, Anita Ojeda, wrote an article about ditching resolutions and planing your solutions each year. You see, she encourages us to not start planning our goals with a fairy-tail imagination, but take time now and decide what your problem areas are and decide on a solution (with an added crutch) to change your current actions. Her method is below:

  1. List new behaviors you’d like to develop.
  2. Brainstorm the reasons you want to make those changes.
  3. Choose two or three behaviors that have a high intrinsic value for you.
  4. Plan out solutions.
  5. Use interim crutches.
  6. Celebrate your victories!

A real life example I hear often is addiction to stationary social media viewing. Using Ojeda’s method we would first identify the behavior we’d like to develop. For this example we will choose getting more done and being more active. The Why: an active life is attractive and makes you feel healthier. Two behaviors that have personal value to you, may be walking the dog, which leads to reflecting on how small you are in this big world, and dancing (which seems to be a trick to moving that doesn’t feel like exercise.) Deciding that the REAL problem is zoning out on social media and not moving during our down time, we will choose social media time as a reward to activity. So after a dog walk or after a fun dance… or after ANY physical activity, then the reward will be SOME social media time.

Now that we have chosen a SOLUTION we need to decide on a crutch. This is where the solution is not a resolution. We know that we will miss the mark sometimes, so, if we feel the need for screen time and really don’t feel like moving, the crutch could be reading a book or writing a letter, which is still stationary, but still pulls us away from choosing social media. Again, its a crutch, but still a victory in not choosing social media.

Number six in this method is the most rewarding part of working with a my healthy potential coach. You will always have someone to celebrate the victories with at My Healthy Potential. We offer one on one and group coaching to help you make, reach and celebrate your goals! Take your free call with Dr. Bender to discuss the best preventative approach you your health today! HERE