Everything a LITE Member and PLUS Member receives, but also…

Everything done with you and for you!  We know that some members are interested in wellness self care but extremely busy and yet truly motivated to increase the likelihood of reaching their healthy potential. Making lifestyle changes to improve your health requires some effort, and sometimes things can be confusing. While our coaches emphasize your growing interest in self-care, we take away the stress of wondering how to proceed with self care wellness by helping you with each step in our unique strategy and process. Personal sessions with your health coaches increase your understanding of what your health risks are and how to set about making changes that lower these risks to improve odds of success.

In fact, many people know much about what they need to do to develop healthy lifestyle habits. It's taking action on this knowledge that is the challenge. Many of us need a full-time accountability partner, but those trained in evidence-based health promotion are difficult to find. Using our array of risk assessment tools, our coaches are trained to ask the exact questions that will have you exploring your deepest motivations for change, finally connecting mind and body so that acting on what you now are learning and realize you need to do becomes second nature.

Creating change is difficult, and when working to reach your greatest potential in any area of your life, you intuitively know that you must begin with a healthy body and mind. This is where our health coaching helps.

Premium (Concierge/VIP) Members can expect a powerful relationship with their coach! Together, you will explore your greatest health concerns and goals and examine the barriers to achieving those goals. Most importantly, your wellness coach will work with you to create your unique lifestyle plan that targets the strategies to overcome your obstacles.

Your health coach will help you create your personal wellness vision--a picture of what your life would look like and feel like if you were at your optimal level of health and wellness. You'll explore why it truly matters to you, digging deep to uncover your deepest motivators for change. You will discuss the actions you would need to take to achieve this vision. Those actions become the foundation of long-term and short-term weekly goals that you create for yourself.

During weekly coaching conversations, which take place via our telehealth video platform (or on the phone, if necessary), you'll celebrate successes of the past week, review any difficulties encountered, strategize around roadblocks, and set action goals for the upcoming week. Because the health coach does have specialized expertise, part of the activities outlined for you will include a balanced wellness program of exercise, nutrition, and health management based on state-of-the-art health science. However, specific information and suggestions are only given to you once you are ready, committed, and confident that you can implement them successfully.

Our coaches expect much from you, but primarily you must have a sincere interest in showing up for sessions on a mutually agreeable schedule to properly use our strategy and complete our program.  To facilitate things for concierge members, we order your laboratory tests for you.  We order any biological measuring equipment you need, and we walk you through our health risk calculators and health risk assessments. You have two remaining responsibilities to promote your own health and wellness. You are expected to be motivated throughout, to continue with maintenance after you complete the program, and to make (and show up for) scheduled appointments at the laboratory and with your coaches.

We know you are busy! You can expect each single meeting with your coach to last around 40-50 minutes. The time required for each trip to your local laboratory will depend on the geographic location of our preferred laboratory, but specimen collection is usually quick, and we will schedule an appointment for each visit.

Schedule a Strategy Session with Dr. Bender or other Administrator to discuss this Premium Membership (Concierge/VIP) by making an appointment HERE.