Natural Remedies for High Cholesterol

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If your laboratory tests are showing high blood cholesterol levels, your doctor will be concerned and will advise you to take steps to reduce them. Your doctor will point out that individuals with high cholesterol have a higher risk of succumbing to life-threatening diseases like atherosclerosis, heart attack, cardiac arrest, and stroke.

While your doctor may make you aware of the availability of the pharmaceutical option, which is taking statin drugs, hopefully they will also inform you that you can take action yourself. You may then be looking for natural remedies as a lower-risk solution to lowering your cholesterol.

Here are a few natural remedies that can potentially help you lower cholesterol levels without the negative side-effects.

  1. Medicinal herbs and foods such as alfalfa and fenugreek can decrease the levels of cholesterol in your blood.
  2. Herbs that contain lecithin can prevent you from accumulating cholesterol too. Pumpkin seeds, flax and dandelion root are good sources of lecithin. Supplemental or processed lecithin does not have the same level of benefit as the fresh herbs do.
  3. Red rice yeast is a natural remedy for lowering cholesterol and is found in many supplements. It is an alternative remedy to statins. Red rice yeast users are very strong in their praise of its effects and benefits. Ask your doctor about this supplement before taking it.
  4. Studies show that antioxidants found in apple peels can be helpful in slowing down the bad LDL cholesterol. They work by helping to prevent plaque buildup in blood vessels. Buying organic apples is recommended to avoid potential pesticide ingestion.
  5. Sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, sesame seeds, and almonds can also help reduce LDL cholesterol. It is recommended to eat a 1/4 cup of these mixed seeds daily.
  6. Garlic has been widely studied due to its benefits in lowering cholesterol levels. Raw garlic has a largely more beneficial effect than cooked garlic. Try to include 2-3 cloves of raw garlic a day in your meals.
  7. Eat plenty of fruits and leafy vegetables and avoid excessive alcohol consumption.
  8. The last natural remedy is an easy one and you only have to start with a simple walk every day. A 15-30 minute walk and regular exercise is another key point in lowering cholesterol levels.

There are plenty of natural remedies for high cholesterol, but diet and exercise are something you can take control of. You may be thinking you will have to stop eating your favorite meals or fried foods and start living like a rabbit!

You don’t have to give up everything your taste buds crave but if you consistently make wise food choices you can lower your cholesterol, control your body weight and fat percentage, and improve your overall health. If it seems difficult to lose weight, you might study our content on intermittent fasting.

Many foods that we take for granted and have become used to consuming are not beneficial and are actually damaging to our health. There is always a healthier alternative. If you can eliminate or at least cut down on those foods that are known to cause high cholesterol and make the necessary lifestyle changes starting today, you are well on the way to a healthier tomorrow.