Motivation Assistance for 2020

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Here we are in late January and, although you probably seriously considered some New Year’s resolutions, have you found your motivation towards your goals is already on the back burner? Maybe the passion to lose weight was really a December slump fueled by an over-abundance of Christmas cookies. It’s possible your commitment to stop smoking was in direct relation to your hatred of cold winter weather or specific person who is no longer in your life. No matter the goal, you’ll go no where without ongoing motivation.

We’ve all heard the advice, “start small” or “set mini-goals.” but they just lead us to fun-sized results. Yes, every journey begins with the first steps (and every other cliche you’ve heard about journeys and destination). We just tend to set ourselves out on long journeys and feel prone to stopping when our feet get tired. What we need along the way is a encouraging coach!

In a 5K, it’s that person standing off to the side yelling, “You’re doing great! You’re almost at the finish line,” that keeps you motivated. On the scale, it’s that number going down or someone saying, “You look great!” The problem is that some goals don’t have easily definable finish lines or outside appearance changes for others to notice. Then what? The motivation has to come from within you. We understand it this is where you stumble.

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My biggest goal for 2020? To run that 5K without stopping to walk. Now share yours in the comments!