Optimize plan

Welcome to the Optimize My Potential Plan

With the Optimize My Potential plan, you have access to great health coaching.

Each month you'll receive: 

  • Access to our coaching portal online and in our mobile app.
  • Ongoing email access and video conferencing to our health coaches
  • Laboratory tests once every three months plus a consultation with Dr. Bender to interpret them
  • Ongoing access to our Integrative Health Records Portal, which includes our Health Risk Assessment, Tracker, and much more




  • Optimize My Potential - Monthly Plan
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  • Optimize My Potential - Annual Plan
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Optimize My Potential Plan Details

  • Personalized assistance with selected Health Risk Assessment(s), initial and follow-up.
  • Laboratory testing, to start, with follow-up testing every 3 months.
  • With your coaches, develop your Plan for Wellness and this points you in the right direction for making positive health changes.
  • Secure video conferencing, messaging, and real-time comments on nutrition & fitness choices from your coach.  This means you have the accountability and support when it matters the most via tele-health sessions with coaching staff members.
    • Included is a video review of each set of Laboratory Results with Dr. Bender.
    • Plus, receive two video health-coaching sessions, each month, with emphasis on diet and nutrition or exercise or both.
  • Schedule sessions and receive reminders.
  • Download and use our phone app in addition to our portal. This permits easy online follow-up access to health coaches by email or messaging while on the go.
  • Picture-based food logging to support mindful, proactive eating choices. Plus, track your workouts, key metrics, and more.
  • Automatically share your food journal and other notes, no separate system required.
  • Feedback on food and beverage choices, workouts, and health markers in real-time.
  • Our coaching portal is fully HIPAA-compliant, which means that we meet or exceed nationally-regulated standards for data security and privacy. Your information is highly protected, and never shared with individuals or entities without your explicit permission.
  • Access to our private Healthy Potentials Facebook group.