No Health Insurance? How to Prevent the Leading Causes Of Death In United States

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In this blog article, we will help the uninsured or under-insured prevent illness from the Leading Causes Of Death In the United States 

There are millions of Americans who are uninsured, and millions more who are underinsured. The exact numbers are probably meaningless because they are so large, but the National Health Interview Survey says the number of uninsured nonelderly Americans rose to 30 million in the first half of 2020.

Unfortunately, this topic is political football. For all those who praise the Affordable Care Act for getting more Americans health insurance coverage, there is an equal number who claim the program is poorly managed or too expensive.

But any argument over the validity of the American health care insurance system belies the point that millions of Americans cannot financially survive any sort of health crisis, much less a significant, life-threatening one. And, to add to the dysfunction of the system, those same people who don’t have any insurance or proper levels of insurance are also very likely to not seek any regular health care that might prevent a significant health crisis.

The entire situation weighs upon the politicians and the healthcare industry. Unfortunately, there does not appear to be any consensus on how to improve the situation wholesale for the immediate future. Therefore, it is incumbent among the citizenry to do what they can to avoid undue health outcomes which bring misery to themselves, or high healthcare costs for which much of the population can not handle. That’s where we at Healthy Potentials come in. We have a special affinity for those who have no insurance coverage. It is sad that they feel they must avoid doctors or prevention services because they are without any health insurance or have only catastrophic, high-deductible coverage.


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How can Healthy Potentials help even the uninsured acquire prevention services to reduce the leading causes of death?


Healthy Potentials hosts a team of specialists with a particular eye toward helping clients avoid the serious outcomes of arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD), the thickening and hardening of the walls of the arteries. Arteriosclerosis, as a condition limits the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the heart, brain, kidneys, eyes, abdomen, and legs (with outcomes such as heart attack, stroke, hypertension, blindness, aneurysm, and intermittent clarification).

Arteriosclerotic cardiovascular heart disease is the leading cause of death among adults in the United States. Often there is a particular emphasis on the danger to aging adults, as arteries tend to harden over time.

However, much research indicates that risk factors that can develop into arteriosclerosis, such as the existence of fatty material in the bloodstream and fatty streaks in arteries, is on the rise among children in America. Is there a possible correlation between the lack of good insurance, the inability or unwillingness to pay for adequate preventive health care, and the eventual occurrence of arteriosclerosis?

Healthy Potentials is a medical consult and health coaching service that can screen for fatty substances in the blood and other key measurements to identify risks of arteriosclerosis, then provide diet, exercise, and lifestyle guidance for people of all ages, and help track improvements over time. Obviously, starting prevention services at a young age is best.

Most of those without health coverage do not seek these prevention services from local practitioners, if they are even available, due to costs. Thus we help those without insurance prevent health conditions that are likely to eventually require costly medical attention. Paying out of pocket for outcomes like heart attacks or strokes, is formidable without health insurance.

Lack of a prevention strategy impacts millions of underinsured (and even insured) Americans who eventually need interventions like cardiac catheterization and stent placement or bypass surgery for arteriosclerosis, which are very costly treatments. Why not do what you can to avoid these conditions with early identification of risks and then proper early diet and lifestyle adjustments?


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We offer solutions

“Get health insurance’’ would be one easy answer to the problem, but in the business and self-employment environment that exists today, many Americans are left to their own devices to acquire health insurance, and it is costly.

Thus many self-employed entrepreneurs and business folks avoid buying insurance for themselves and their families because of high costs. Furthermore, the percentage of companies offering employees health coverage as part of their benefits package continues to drop.

A 2018 study by the American Health Association (AHA) showed that 1 in 5 uninsured patients with arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD) defer treatment due to costs. And, the longer they wait to receive treatment, the more likely they are to die from the disease.

There is another solution to reduce the leading causes of death. Change the way you live. It is possible to live happily with a low cholesterol diet that can create a healthier arterial blood flow, and it is not expensive to live that way. It’s just a little bit harder to find the proper foods and it is difficult to avoid the quick and easy foods which promote unnecessary deposits on arterial walls (plaques).

Membership at MyHealthy helps you estimate your personal risks (using labs, your bodily measures, and state-of-the-art risk calculators) and then determine how to live healthier and how to reduce the leading causes of death. It’s usually easy advice to give (walk more, sit less) but sometimes difficult to introduce into your lifestyle, and of course, you will want to monitor you progress over time. But the value of living a life that helps maintain arterial health is a low cost to pay to avoid the misery and high cost of care that comes with an arteriosclerosis diagnosis.

Have you been procrastinating about doing something about your risks of this leading health problem, arteriosclerosis? Let us help you, at a low cost, feel the freedom of having discovered your personal risks and having taken appropriate steps towards prevention. Even if you are uninsured or drastically under-insured.