How Do We Measure Stress Levels?

So, as April is slowly coming to a close, so is Stress Awareness month. But, we still haven’t answered the question- how are stress levels measured? On a daily basis, we all experience stress, but how is stress quantified or identified? There are many ways, including:

  1. By monitoring any variability in heart rate. Heart rate in a stressed individual will fluctuate a lot and this actually creates physiological stress on the heart
  2. Blood pressure. High blood pressure is likely to be associated with high stress levels.
  3. By measuring stress hormones. A person that’s stressed will have higher levels of cortisol and adrenaline. When these hormones are elevated it’s problematic because it means that the heart will be working more and, thus, wearing and tearing over time.
  4. Self-report. The simplest way to identify stress levels is by self-reporting or simply state how stressed you feel.

We must measure stress levels because levels of stress that are chronically elevated can harmful for your health. Join with us now and get one step closer to a healthier you!