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This subscription service emphasizes news briefs with quick read topics, usually on our leading causes of death and misery. We emphasize trends in arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease, and its sequelae like coronary artery disease and stroke. We selects posts on major risk factors for those conditions like your lipids, prediabetes and diabetes, hypertension, and lifestyle issues such as smoking behavior, diet, exercise, stress, and so on.  Our broad emphasis is, of course, on prevention.

Are you getting a bit weary of hearing about the pandemic? This service is specifically on non-COVID news. Coronavirus news is still available on our sister site, If COVID is a main interest for you in your situation, follow along at that site, or our related Facebook page on COVID at

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Subscribe to our once-a-day health and wellness news service. With this low-cost subscription, you receive timely links to health news on topics of importance of special interest to you, delivered to your email inbox. These are quick reads on today’s topics and current advances.

This subscription offers a free trial for 14 days. Cancel during the trial and there will be no charge. If you find what we send useful, then after the trial, we will charge your card for the introductory price, just $7 per month. We think you’ll find what we send to you to be very interesting and worthwhile. However, you may cancel your subscription for the following month in advance at any time.