Below are the steps required to reach your healthy potential. Please take a moment and watch our video introduction to the A-B-C’s. We promise it’s a short video and it will help explain our methods.
“A” is for Assessment/Appraisal

The first step in determining your health status is a health risk assessment questionnaire. It asks about your health as it is today. It looks at your age, height, and weight. It also asks about your current lifestyle. Do you smoke? Do you eat well? Are you active? All of those details help us understand where you are and where you may want to go.
The next part of the questionnaire asks about your and your family’s medical history. We can learn a lot about what may lie ahead based on where you’ve been and what your family has experienced.

“B” is for Biological Measurements (Biometrics)

While answering the questions in our health risk assessment can tell a lot about the current status of your health and family history, bodily measurement data certainly helps tells the full story. Adding biometric measures to each assessment you take, makes the entire process much more valuable.

In the biometrics portion of our assessment, we look at measurements. We start with numbers like blood pressure and waist circumference. We then work with a lab to do a blood draw that will measure things like cholesterol and blood sugar, just to name a few.

“C” is for making changes

Now that you have all of the information collected during the health risk assessment and biometric portions of our process, what do you do with them? In your report, you will be given advice on how to deal with issues that have surfaced as needing your attention. Some people are self-starters and able to use their findings to make changes on their own. Others benefit from expert and individualized goal setting, other suggestions, and ongoing support.