Some Thoughts On Covid-19, Vaccines and Natural Immunity

In discussing our wellness consulting strategies with members, small business owners, and others interested in the prevention or treatment of arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease, the topic of Covid-19 vaccines almost always comes up. At myhealthypotential.com as medical epidemiologists and prevention specialists, our goal is to provide services that will keep healthy people healthy and prevent illnesses … Continued

Maintaining Healthy Cholesterol Levels

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High cholesterol is one of the leading health problems today. High cholesterol and triglycerides lead to arteriosclerosis which is a major risk factor behind several leading causes of death in developed countries, heart attacks and stroke. Conventional wisdom is that the two main causes of this are a poor diet laden with fatty foods and … Continued


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Maintaining a healthy heart starts with exercise and diet. There is a strong and obvious correlation between obesity and heart problems. Being obese or overweight is often a product of eating too much of the wrong foods, or lack of exercise, or both. Understanding what effects different foods have on the body will help in … Continued

Raise Your HDL Cholesterol Levels

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It may sound confusing to hear that you should lower your cholesterol levels to reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke, yet raise your HDL cholesterol level if it is low. HDL or “good” cholesterol as it has been nicknamed over the years helps to reduce the accumulation of fatty deposits or plaques within … Continued

Tips to Reduce Cholesterol Levels

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How many times have you promised yourself that you would never eat greasy or processed foods again, only to find yourself checking into a fast food outlet for a quick bite? With the hectic lifestyle and lack of discipline that most people have these days, it comes as no surprise to learn that high cholesterol … Continued

Lower High Cholesterol Levels Naturally

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Cholesterol-lowering drugs have shown to be effective for most people for specifically that – they work to lower a person’s cholesterol readings. Beyond that, there is evidence that statins have even further beneficial anti-inflammatory effects, and that they lower risks of cardiovascular events and deaths as well. It is unfortunate, however, that pharmaceutical products can … Continued

Eggs and Your Cholesterol Levels

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In the not so distant past, eggs had a negative reputation for contributing to high cholesterol levels in the blood. Many people were convinced that eating eggs on a daily basis would lead to less than ideal heart health. Nowadays, the egg eating cholesterol debate has been deemed a myth. In the United Kingdom, an … Continued