Now that you have all of the information collected during the health risk assessment and biometric portions of our process, what do you do with them? In your report, you will be given advice on how to deal with issues that have surfaced as needing your attention. Some people are self-starters and able to use their findings to make changes on their own. Others benefit from expert and individualized goal setting, other suggestions, and ongoing support.

Connecting with one of our health coaches is a great way to get personalized recommendations on how to create a healthier you. This experience gives you the opportunity to spend time talking about what influences your current lifestyle and eating habits, and to figure out how to improve them in ways that will work for YOU.

With the help of our health coaches, you can learn even more about your health risk assessment and biometric results, establish a plan, check in regularly, and track your progress.

The health coaching staff is especially trained in health and wellness coaching. Usually they have a background in medicine, nursing, or another health field, and further training in health coaching and certification. Often they will emphasize methods in motivational interviewing and positive psychology to help participants set and meet realistic health and wellness goals.

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