Tips for Preventing Heart Disease

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So does heart disease run in your family? We are glad you help guide you through a preventative approach to your health! Take the reigns. Here are some lifestyle changes can help treat and prevent heart disease: Eat a healthy diet. Maintaining a heart healthy diet is key for preventing heart disease. The American Heart … Continued

Why Exercise is Essential for a Healthy Heart

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February is HEART MONTH! Your heart is the most important muscle in the body. In order to stay healthy, it needs to be worked out just like the rest of your muscles so it doesn’t get weak. The current recommendation for all adults is 250 minutes of aerobic exercise per week over most of the … Continued

What Are Heart Murmurs?

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February is Heart Month! Heart murmurs are swooshing sounds made by blood in the heart or near it, that can be heard with a stethoscope. They can be innocent or abnormal. Innocent murmurs can be caused by exercise, anaemia, pregnancy, hyperthyroidism, fever or growth spurts. They can appear and disappear, or even last a lifetime … Continued

Your Coach, My Healthy Potential Founder

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Thomas R. Bender, M.D., M.P.H., FACPM Founder and Medical Director of My Healthy Potential Background Dr. Bender has over 50 years’ experience as a physician and is a specialist in preventive medicine. He has enjoyed a long career in public service working in emergency, clinical, and research settings. An accomplished researcher and the author of … Continued

10 Ways to Keep Holiday Stress At Bay

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1-Exercise Several things happen when you exercise. Many physiological processes take place, one of which is a boost to your brain’s pleasure center. The age-old “fight or flight” process begins when your body detects stress. Physical stress from exercise means that your senses are heightened as well. Feel-good chemicals in your brain are then released, … Continued

Prepare to Celebrate Your Victories

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It’s December and time to prepare for 2020! As Health Coaches, we take goal setting opportunities any time we can. See, working towards a goal keeps you moving and moving keeps you living… moving toward your healthy potential! December is a great month to look back on our previous year and begin preparing mentally for … Continued

Discussing Weight is Taboo?

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What Is a Healthy Weight? Maintaining a healthy body weight is important to staying healthy. Discussing weight has become taboo and often “the elephant in the room” among family and friends when it comes to sharing health advice. From a medical standpoint it is not an insult, just facts. What kinds of health problems are … Continued