Heartburn or a heart attack? Symptoms differ in men and women

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Time is of the essence when a person is suffering from a heart attack. This is because the blood flow is restricted or cut off to one or more areas of the heart. A lack of blood flow means a lack of oxygen and the death of that tissue if the oxygen is not restored. … Continued

Running low on motivation? Help is on the way!

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Here we are in late January and, if you’re like me, your New Year’s resolution is already on the back burner. Maybe the passion to lose weight was fueled by an over-abundance of Christmas cookies. It’s possible your commitment to stop smoking was in direct relation to your hatred of cold winter weather. No matter … Continued

Do I have soreness after exercise or an injury?

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All of this talk about exercise has gotten you motivated to get moving. You head to the gym, bust out a great workout and feel great on the way home. But, as the hours increase, you can feel yourself getting sorer and sorer. The next day, you can’t get out of bed. You blame exercise, … Continued

Organic v. conventional food, what does that even mean?

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We hear all the time that organic food is better for us, but is it really? What does it even mean to be labeled organic? Foods that carry the USDA 100% organic seal must have at least 95% organically-produced ingredients. If something is simply labeled “organic” at least 70% of its ingredients must be organic. … Continued

5 ways a health coach will increase your odds of success

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When we’re sick, we go to a doctor. When we need financial advice, we seek a financial planner. When we need legal advice, we ask a lawyer. Who should we consult with when we’re lacking motivation or are unsure what we can do to improve our health? The answer is a health coach. If you’re … Continued

A complete wellness strategy makes all the difference

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Have you ever tried to improve your health but got discouraged because your progress didn’t seem to add up to much? It’s likely because you weren’t engaged in a complete wellness strategy. While changing one piece of a lifestyle is certainly a positive step, it takes attention to all life details to see the full … Continued

When is an ounce worth a pound?

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Hello. My name is Dr. Thomas R Bender. I began my medical career 50 years ago in Philadelphia. There is an often-quoted axiom attributed to Benjamin Franklin (an earlier Philadelphia transplant). His idea that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is as true today as it was when Franklin made the … Continued