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Are you tired of getting nowhere on your own? Here’s help…

Are you now ready to finally make real progress? Would you like to...

  • Lose up to 7-10 lbs in the same number of days during the first weeks of my 2-month health coaching program?
  • Learn how to continue to lose and learn how to maintain your preferred weight while lowering your health risks?
  • Conveniently and easily check your medically-important biometric markers and recheck them in 60 days?

If so, my brand-new and very unique program is definitely available for you at a very good time. This 60-day program is brought to you in your home.

It is a group program, so when you join you’ll be part of a very small and carefully selected group of like-minded supportive folks. A group who is ready for change and is currently motivated to lose weight and become healthy.

All your personal information is totally private. There is no need to expose your results with others, if you do not wish to share..

I have had years and years of experience coaching one-on-one. Now digital technology provides the opportunity for me to manage my program with you and a small group of online members and colleagues for support, even as you are perhaps largely locked down in your own home.

Feel good about your rapid progress. Feel good about your new look. Feel good about ALL your measurable physical and biochemical markers, not just your healthier body weight!

Here’s what you’ll receive on my 2-month pilot/beta program:

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  • Scheduled video group sessions, with at least 10 training and coaching meetings online with me live.
  • Recorded replays of each session for anyone who could not attend, or for review.
  • Unlimited access to our academy with training videos on disease prevention, diet and nutrition, fitness and exercise.
  • Plus lots more, as shown below...


Your own new equipment is shipped directly to you. It is used to obtain baseline and follow-up measures.

  • Body Composition Monitor, a weight scale that includes a full body fat analyzer.
  • Measure and track Weight, BMI, Body Fat Percentage, Skeletal Muscle Percentage.
  • Resting Metabolism, Body Age, Visceral Fat Level.
  • Simple to use home blood pressure (and heart rate) monitor.
  • Convenient body measuring tape for Waist, Hips, and Muscle Development.
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Includes lab testing to evaluate early risks and track your progress.

  • Total cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol, HDL-cholesterol. 
  • VLDL-cholesterol, Triglycerides.
  • Cardiac-CRP for inflammation.
  • Fasting blood sugar to measure your morning level.
  • HgbA1c to estimate your recent blood sugar history.
  • Follow-up repeat laboratory testing for all the initial tests to track your progress.


  • Coaching portal that supports our training and coaching efforts.
  • Phone app with our special tracker to easily record and monitor your progress.
  • Messaging and reminders with coach.
  • Online access to your account and recorded sessions, further training, and leaderboard.
  • Facebook private group if desired.
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Our group is small and yet participation is not costly. This is because, although my strategy is mature and well-tested, it has not been offered online like this. We want your advice and input during this very important pilot/beta test of delivering it online, thus we have an exceptionally low price for this early session.

You can enjoy a further price reduction if you take advantage of our family discount.  Your home monitoring equipment can easily be shared with other members in your family who are also enrolled in the training and coaching Jumpstart.  Family members of course support each other as "accountability partners".

But you will have to decide soon. Enrollment is limited. We intend to ship equipment and prepare lab orders in advance of our first session. Preferred deadline for enrollment is midnight on Sunday,September 26, 2021, and our Sessions begin with a two-day Bootcamp on October 9-10, 2021. The last session of Jumpstart is on November 13, 2021, but you can easily continue with our maintenance program. 

If you miss a session don't worry, each session is recorded and available in our learning center to for you to replay, or review again.



Our Provisional Schedule Calendar

Our Provisional Course Syllabus

Before you sign up, confirm these requirements:

  • I have a computer and smartphone internet with access for Zoom-style meetings, Coaching Portal, and Group App.
  • I am able to go to a lab near me: Locate a LabCorp near you via this link:
  • https://www.labcorp.com/labs-and-appointments-advanced-search
  • I reside in a State other than NY, NJ, RI, MA, MD, or HI (for Labs).
  • I am in generally good health and have a local personal health care provider or if needed can arrange to receive personal medical care near me.
  • While this program was created primarily for men and women between 35-59 years of age (the earlier you start, the better) other age groups may be eligible.
  • Definitely book a 15-minute call with me if you have any questions or are uncertain of your eligibility.

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This is a one-time offer. There is lots of value in this program, and it's discounted for the current pilot trial period. Prices may be higher the next time it is offered.