The first step in determining your health status is a health risk assessment questionnaire. It asks about your health as it is today. It looks at your age, height, and weight. It also asks about your current lifestyle. Do you smoke? Do you eat well? Are you active? All of those details help us understand where you are and where you may want to go.

The next part of the questionnaire asks about your and your family’s medical history. We can learn a lot about what may lie ahead based on where you’ve been and what your family has experienced.

The health risk assessment also addresses your willingness to make lifestyle changes. Sometimes committing to a new healthy habit isn’t always an easy yes. There are limitations that are real and they’re important to factor into the big picture. You may wish to repeat the assessment, to document and record improvements, and you may do so whenever you like.

My Healthy Potential Assessment and Appraisal
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Below is a small sampling of questions you’ll be asked to complete:

“How would you describe your overall health? How would you rate your health this year compared with last year?”

“Have you had your blood pressure checked within the last five years?”

“What is your blood pressure (Systolic/Diastolic)?  What is the date of your blood pressure check?”

“Have you had a blood test for cholesterol within the last five years?”

“Have you ever been told by a physician that you have/had an abnormal mole?”

There are, of course, many, many more questions within the assessment. It will make you stop and think about the real status of your health. The results will assist us in unlocking the secret to your healthy potential. With them, we can suggest changes that may help you live a longer, healthier life. Certainly, the answers also serve as a useful starting point for you. Maybe you’re not active today, but in six months you will be. You can take and retake the assessment as you like. Let’s see, together, what that means for other areas of your life!

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