What Are Heart Murmurs?

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Heart murmurs are swooshing sounds made by blood in the heart or near it, that can be heard with a stethoscope. They can be innocent or abnormal. Innocent murmurs can be caused by exercise, anaemia, pregnancy, hyperthyroidism, fever or growth … Continued

What Are Heart Friendly Foods?

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Heart friendly diet might not sound like the most attractive munching option, but there is a variety of foods that are both delicious and beneficial for the heart.                                      Vegetables and fruits are packed with vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and fibre … Continued

What Are Heart Palpitations?

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Heart palpitations refer to the feeling that your heart is beating too fast and too strongly compared to the usual heartbeat. They are fairly common and most often triggered by stress and anxiety (especially related to panic attacks), too much … Continued

Loneliness is Bad for the Heart

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Loneliness is defined as the discrepancy between social interaction wishes and reality. Studies show that loneliness is bad for the heart. In fact, loneliness has a negative impact in patients with heart conditions. With loneliness as a quiet source of … Continued