Day 21: Maintaining Your healthy lifestyle changes

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Congratulations! You made it through 21 days of our Small Changes Challenges! We’ve covered a ton of a valuable information. Now what? Here is a list of ten ways to help you maintain your healthy lifestyle changes!

1. Stay positive

Your attitude determines how well you’ll maintain your lifestyle changes. Stay positive! Continue with your positive self-talk, affirmations and motivational quotes daily. These are important and will put you in the right frame of mind.

healthy lifestyle changes
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2. Use your support system

When you have challenges use your support system. Friends and family will be there if you ask. They will listen or offer advice if you need it. Don’t forget about them.

3. Make small daily changes

Don’t get overwhelmed by everything that needs to happen in order to get to your goal. Make small changes daily. You might not notice right away, but in a few months you’ll notice that is has made a huge impact on your life.

4. Don’t beat yourself up

Bad days are going to happen. Know that. Don’t make yourself feel ashamed or bad because you didn’t make all the right decisions. It happens occasionally. Get over it. Tomorrow is a new day.

5. Know your eating patterns

Keep up with your food journaling – whether it is on paper or on your smart phone. As you change, your eating patterns will change. You’ll notice different patterns. This will help you know when you over eat or are making bad health decisions.

healthy lifestyle changes
Photo: symphony of love on Flickr

6. Make mindful movement of your body

It is better to get in a few minutes of exercise three times a day than nothing at all. Be mindful of moving your body more. Use time you wouldn’t normally consider like talking on the phone. Instead of sitting on a chair, get up and walk around the room. Be more aware of the movement you are getting.

7. Make better decisions today than yesterday

The easiest way to make life long decisions is by doing it one day at a time. Don’t think about tomorrow, next week, next month or next year. Concentrate on today. What healthy decisions can you make today? Are they better than the ones you made yesterday? Keep this way of thinking up and you’ll be making healthy decisions daily and more of them before you know it.

8. Set up goals and incentives for yourself

Even though you are making decisions only for today it is always good to have goals for yourself. You want to know if you are achieving your healthy lifestyle. What does it look like? After you’ve set up goals make milestones and give yourself incentive for reaching them.

9. Encourage a healthy lifestyle at home

Your family is a big part of why you are making the transition to the life you want, so encourage healthy living for everyone. You can talk about why the food you are eating is good for your body or go on daily walks with your kids. Your children will notice your attitude towards healthy eating and exercise. Make sure they see a positive one.

10. Know you have the power to do this and are capable of making it happen

Times are going to be tough at time. You’ll doubt yourself and wonder why you are doing this. Know this when that happens – you have the power to change your life and the lives of others around you. Your kids rely on you to help them learn how to make the best decisions when they become adults. You are capable of doing this. Look at everything you do now. You rock and you’ll rock at making healthy lifestyle decisions.

Congratulations you have finished the challenge. Now you have the knowledge to live a healthier lifestyle. You deserve it and your family deserves it. So go out there and do it!