Day 14: Why you need an accountability buddy

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Congratulations! You’ve completed two weeks! We’ll start week three with an accountability buddy. Friends are fun!

So far you’ve learned to make better decisions every day and to take things slowly. You’ve also talked to your family for support and worked on your mindset to believe in yourself. The next step is to find someone who will hold you accountable.

You might think you can do this alone and you probably can, but why would you want to? There’s someone that needs to have an accountability buddy as much as you do. You can support and motivate each other to accomplish your goals.

Figure Out the Role of Your Accountability Buddy

The first decision you have to make is what you want the partnership for – accountability, keeping you on schedule, getting you motivated, providing resources that help everyone, or being able to contact them once you’ve accomplished your goal. You can use one or all of these.

Some people need a nudge to make it through the day making healthy choices. Others need a buddy for ideas. Some people choose a buddy who is farther along on a healthy journey so they can benefit from their wisdom and motivation. Others like to buddy up with someone who is just beginning to capitalize on their enthusiasm. There is no wrong reason for choosing who you choose as long as it works for you BOTH. Yes, both. You’ll have to give as much as you get.

Define what you need from your accountability buddy and what they need from you. Establish these in the beginning, so you don’t feel like the time you take to find resources, motivate, or encourage your buddy is a waste because you’re not getting anything out of it yourself.

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Find Your Buddy

Go onto one of your social media pages – Facebook or Twitter – and ask if any of your friends would be interested in being your accountability buddy. Chances are that someone you already know is going through the same challenges that you are and they want to become healthier and exercise more. You might be surprised who responds!

Next, decide on how you’ll stay in contact. There are a few options. Use Facebook, texts, emails, or calls. Finding something that works for you both is key.

When you start a new habit it won’t be easy and often times you’ll fall off the wagon to your health and fitness goals. Life happens and gets busy. Often times you’ll put it off until tomorrow – then tomorrow never comes. With a buddy this is less likely to happen or you’ll dust yourself off and get back on track without much time passing.

You can also brainstorm with someone else going through the same issues. They might have tried something that you didn’t think of during a struggle.

Sometimes all you need is someone to acknowledge your feelings. Whether those feelings are being overwhelmed, struggling to find time in your hectic schedule today, or not having the motivation to do your daily activities.The flipside is that you have someone to celebrate with!

Find someone who calls you out or reminds you that if you can watch your nightly dance show you can find at least five minutes to exercise. The person you pick will help you with these struggles.

Your task now is to go and find that person. You’re looking for someone that will help you stay on track and accomplish your goals!