Day 13: Create an activity list

With just over a week left in our challenge, we’re talking about becoming more active and how to fit it into your busy life. Our daily schedules are a force to be reckoned with and an activity list can make a huge difference in whether or not exercise gets worked in.

One easy way to keep up with exercise and make it part of your daily routine is to make a list of activities that you find enjoyable. Let’s brainstorm so that all you’ll have to do later is pick an activity that looks fun and get it done!

Things you’ll need for an activity list

  • Journal, piece of paper, or your mobile phone – you’ll record activities.
  • Internet – to get ideas from when your mind draws a blank.
  • Kids – for even more ideas.

Once you’ve got the items above, you are going to think about a list of activities that you can do. Think of exercises you used to do as a kid or ask your kids what types of activities they do in PE or while playing outside.  Write everything it all down on your list. The goal is to create a long list of fun, yet simple activities that can be done in a short amount of time. Think of these as your energy bursts throughout the day.

activity list, jump rope
Photo: LongitudeLatitude on Flickr

20 Activity Ideas

  1. Jumping jacks
  2. Jump rope
  3. Tag with the kids
  4. Dancing
  5. Limbo – how low can you go?
  6. Squats
  7. Sit ups
  8. Push ups
  9. Red Rover
  10. Sword fighting with your kids (pretend of course!)
  11. Wrestling around with the kids
  12. Go to the park and play on the play structures with your kids
  13. Play the Wii (or other active video games)
  14. Play kiss monster with the kids (be a monster and every time you catch them you get to kiss them – kids LOVE this game and will ask for it often)
  15. Go for a walk
  16. Roller skate or rollerblade
  17. Play basketball
  18. Jump on a trampoline
  19. Walk upstairs/steps
  20. Create an obstacle course

Now that you’ve got your list together you might wonder how you are going to fit them into your life.

Involving your children will get you active very quickly! They have so much energy and are always up for having a good time. Plus, they’ll be a great accountability buddy!

Another way is to include activities on your list that will inspire you to get moving. Do something fun you’ll enjoy. If you put exercises on that you don’t like to do – cross them off now. You want fun activities!

A third and easy way to get moving is to start saying yes when someone asks you to go for a walk, hike, or bike ride. I bet your kids do, so surprise them and dust your bike off.

You’re creating this activity list for a few reasons.

With a list you’ll:

  • Have no excuse not to exercise because you don’t know what to do
  • Create habits of exercising daily
  • Have fun activities to look forward to

Why did we have you make an activity list?

The activity list is not a complete list of all the exercises you need to do in order to get healthy, but it’ll give you bursts of energy throughout the day. You’ll get into a routine and then instead of thinking of exercise of as a chore you’ll look forward to it.

After you’ve completed the list do something on it! Pick the thing that really excited you when you added it? Set a timer and get that body moving for five minutes. Just FIVE MINUTES! Anyone can do that. And I’ll bet, if you’re really having fun, you won’t stop after five.

Commit to at least five minutes of mindful movement every day for the next week. Schedule it. Go ahead, get out your phone and find time every single day for seven days.

Have fun with this task. Your body is made to move!

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